“b4” is the automation technology and AmdoSoft the automation partner

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Robotic Process and Data Automation, Analytics and A.I.

Explore AmdoSoft RPA and the entire Altair Data Analytics Solutions within the Altair D.A. marketplace

Bot manager engine

State of the art rules engine makes managing complex automation easy and future proof

Smart b4-bots

b4-Bots use smart image and object recognition and therefore enables automation across any application

Secure by design

Encryption everywhere. Therefore trusted by government agencies, enterprises and leading service providers

AI Enabled

A.I. and machine learning can provide significant value in partner driven cognitive RPA projects

Adaptable Technology

Deep integration possibilities with existing systems allows a tailored automation architecture

Advanced Reporting

With the b4-Report Designer and the web-based Dashboard Manager, all and every reporting aspects are covered

“When it comes to automation, AmdoSoft and b4 can do it all” 

Mr. Beck

Head of Operations, John Deere

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Industry: Heavy equipment
Size: 60,000 Employees
Use b4 since: 2009

b4 Automation helps save time and increases the quality of the internal operation.

John Deere engineers can now work faster and more efficiently while the time and effort is greatly reduced. The b4 Automation Engine acts as a virtual workforce that takes mundane and repetitive tasks and automates these in a centrally controlled RPA system.

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Central Bot Manager
Multithread Automation Engine
Manage up to 400 b4-Bots
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AmdoSoft Services

RPA Know-How

With almost 20 years customer and partner driven software development as well as automation consultation and implementation experience, AmdoSoft is your flexible partner that supports you at the start, the finish and at every step in-between.

b4 RPA Academy

The b4 RPA Academy provides you with the skills and knowledge around Robotic Process Automation. It includes product training based and implementation workshops. It also includes in-depth training on how to identify processes with automation potential.

Managed Services

AmdoSoft is a software vendor and channel partner focused service provider. Depending on your requirements, AmdoSoft will provide the software with training and support or can provide a full worry free RPA Managed Service.

Partner Eco-System

The AmdoSoft partner Eco-System shares RPA know how ranging from implementation, consultation and ongoing customer support. The partner Eco-System can provide accredited services to any type of RPA project.