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To partner with innovative forward thinking companies, work with creative and driven individuals and together provide solutions and services that uses automation to liberate the true power of humans, VISION and CREATIVITY.

Company Timeline


The company is established by Mario Griffith in Munich, Germany. The first customers include companies

such as Formula 1, VW and BMW.



“b4” the Product

AmdoSoft acquires preparatory rights for Open Control Technology (OCT) from Intel Corp. and redevelops

and brands OCT as “b4” with advanced infrastructure monitoring capabilities and uses its automation

background to develop the b4 automation graphical workflow rules engine.



First customers include the University of Stuttgart and a nuclear power plant site from E-ON Energy. The

nuclear power plant still uses b4 today. AmdoSoft gains some well known customers such as the RedCross

and John Deere. AmdoSoft starts a strategic partnership with Schleupen, a market leader in energy ERP systems and an IT service provider. Schleupen provides a b4 powered automation service to the majority of their customer base which generates a significant turnover for the 440 strong company. Schleupen remains a key strategic partner for AmdoSoft.



Protects Business Processes with Automation

“b4” starts to protect critical business processes by utilising a combination of b4 sensors and automation

called “Protectors”. AmdoSoft gains partnerships such as Allgeier IT Solutions, one of the top IT service

providers in Europe. Another strategic partnership starts with Awinta, the market leader in pharmacy ERP




“b4” is deployed on a BSH end user, the TUI Cruises ship fleet. b4 runs on 6 ships with each ship

containing IT and business systems to the equivalent of 6 large companies. The systems is controlled via a

master-slave configuration whenever the satellite connects.



End-To-End Automation and ROBOTIC – PROCESS – AUTOMATION (RPA)

AmdoSoft introduces the RPA Bot functionality in conjunction with its IT Automation capabilities to perform

End To End Monitoring.

More partnerships evolve with companies such as Sage. Sage develops together with AmdoSoft the “b4

Sage Protector” and now AmdoSoft works with DPS software one of the largest Sage partners.



AmdoSoft starts a partnership in Sweden with Nordlo and deploys “b4” to the hospital chain CAPIO.


2018 – 2023

AmdoSoft releases b4 V.7 Series with more advanced RPA Bot functionalities including the b4-Bot Recorder and RPA Automation Manager.

New RPA based partnerships start with companies like dinCloud, Operational Services, AKDB, m3 a msg company, Sysback and Kent based Cantium Business Solutions


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