The AmdoSoft Partner Program

Supporting your RPA Vision from start yo finish and beyond

Your RPA Business Vision

dinCloud receives the AmdoSoft Partner Vision Award 2018

Industry:  IT Service Provider

Country: USA Nationwide

Partnered with AmdoSoft: 2018

“The AmdoSoft team delivers. It supports dinCloud with marketing, sales and during RPA Implementations for our customers”

Ali Din 

b4-Bots work tirelessly in the cloud

AmdoSoft provides b4-Bots to dinCloud fully white labelled and supported with comprehensive managed services. Their service extends to end-users from the health, financial services and various other sectors.

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New rpa Business idea

Robotic Process Automation is set to change the productivity of every industry at a fundamental level. AmdoSoft is a highly flexible and business friendly company that can help you turn your RPA business idea into reality. Build your RPA business on top of a highly versatile RPA and automation platform that is scalable, adaptable and virtually limitless in its application.


If you are an IT service provider, you are in a very good position to become your customers RPA department. With the right technology and partner, moving into the Robotic Process Automation space can be straight forward. The b4 technology is designed with managed services in mind and the extensive IT automation and RPA functions will allow you and your team gain RPA capabilities fast. AmdoSoft can enable you to offer RPA with comprehensive support and a gradual transfer in capability while you build your RPA business.


Whether you are an established RPA consultancy or want to get into the RPA consultancy space, we would like to hear from you and discuss a partnership. A successful consultancy lives on its reputation and with AmdoSoft you can rely on a team of people that have the experience, know-how and technological flexibility to complete projects with the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

business process enablers

Whether you are a software vendor or provide solutions based on any number of applications and services, utilising RPA internally and/or providing RPA services can be a smart strategic move. With various technologies and individual company requirements being the norm, AmdoSoft and b4 is perfectly suited to deliver RPA without distracting from your core business. Contact us to discuss a partnership.

Partner Level & Support

AmdoSoft understand partnerships. “b4” achieves its best value with end-customers that are under pressure to increase efficiency and with businesses that need an edge over their competition. Having a partner friendly business approach and a partner centric toolset is key for b4 to deliver the benefits to more people.

Our partners provide business process analysis, consulting, sales, support and a range of technical services to implement and support the customer from start to finish and beyond.

The AmdoSoft partner program is a practical approach for partners to get certified and build “b4” specific skills, as well as share market and sales knowledge across the partner ecosystem.

Our partner program has three main levels and depending on the goals and objectives of your company

AmdoSoft Services

RPA Know-How

With almost 20 years customer and partner driven software development as well as automation consultation and implementation experience, AmdoSoft is your flexible partner that supports you at the start, the finish and at every step in-between.

b4 RPA Academy

The b4 RPA Academy provides you with the skills and knowledge around Robotic Process Automation. It includes product training based and implementation workshops. It also includes in-depth training on how to identify processes with automation potential.

Managed Services

AmdoSoft is a software vendor and channel partner focused service provider. Depending on your requirements, AmdoSoft will provide the software with training and support or can provide a full worry free RPA Managed Service.

Partner Eco-System

The AmdoSoft partner Eco-System shares RPA know how ranging from implementation, consultation and ongoing customer support. The partner Eco-System can provide accredited services to any type of RPA project.