Synthetic Monitoring

Productive Process Quality Assurance


Spend More Time TALKING instead of TYPING


Automation that works as you need!

RPA enabled QUALITY ASSURANCE of PRODUCTIVE Services, Applications and Processes. 

As customers, we have all heard this before: “Sorry can you hold on, my application is slow!”, followed by “I will have to call you back!“.

Imagine being able to capture process issues across any software-based process before the users notice it and customers are affectedWith the help of Amdo’s powerful RPA, it is now possible to detect process issues across any software-based process before users even notice them.

Whether it is an ecommerce website, ERP, CRM or other back office systems that are critical to your business, AmdoSoft – Synthetic Monitoring Bots proactively check the availability and performance from the users point of view (through the User Interface). Furthermore, the Synthetic Monitoring system can use it’s RPA capability to automatically perform event based actions.

The automation and monitoring system from Amdo is a enterprise level RPA that works with any application, providing Productive Process Quality Assurance to stakeholders who are concerned about user and customer satisfaction. With this system in place, you can ensure that your business operations are running smoothly and any issues are addressed before they become a problem. Trust in the PQA-Bot system to protect your business operations and user experience.

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Introducing End-To-End RPA enabled Synthetic Monitoring




  • Synthetic Monitoring Introduction

  • Use-Cases

  • End Customer Use Cases

  • Functionality

  • Partner Use Cases

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Amdo Partner and Reseller

“The PQA-Bot from Amdo give us and our customers peace of mind. Over the years we have avoided many critical system and customer relations issues by employing these virtual bots. We have named our bot “James” and decided to partner with Amdo to provide our own PQA service”

Ali Din, CEO dinCloud

What are PQA-BOT Use Cases?

Customer Facing Services

The performance of customer facing services directly reflect on customer satisfaction and brand. 

The QA-BOT can simulate the exact mouse click actions of an user and provide a clear and objective view of these critical services.

Protecting Business Processes

Monitor the performance and availability of business processes running on core applications such as the ERP, CRM and other business applications.

Ensure that staff can work and that issues are proactively picked up and dealt with, avoiding expensive distruption. 

E-Commerce Monitoring

E-Commerce websites are at the core of an business. Checking that all user function are working as expected including third party payment services, is crucial. 

The QA-BOT can ensure that the customer journey including payment is functional.

Auditing and Compliance

The QA-BOT can go through your system to ensure compliance in any area of your business.

In case of any compliance issues, the QA-BOT can alert the responsible person and even remedy the issue immediately.


Service Level Agreements of critical business applications can be verified from the user’s point of view.

This ensure that the actual performance and availability is tracked not just server uptime.

Automating Critical Business Processes Actions

The PQA-Bots have enterprise level RPA functionality to monitor and automate processes. From data entry to generating reports across multiple systems, so long the actions are repetitive, this bot can automate the process. 

Synthetic Monitoring ensures Quality, Speed and Security.

A Virtual Workforce is Powerful

A virtual workforce is a digital team of bots that can work 5 times faster and 3 times longer than a human. Recruitment involved many activities that are repetitive and time consuming, taking valuable time away from the activities that are business critical.

Synthetic Monitoring End-Customer Use Cases

Capio Hospital safeguards their Hospital Information System (HIS) with AmdoSoft Synthetic Monitoring-Bots

Capio is a hospital group in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and France. Their hospital information system is being used by almost all members of staff and affects every aspect of their operations. 

Availability and performance of certain functions are critical for their patient experience and having the Amdo QA-Bots regularly check these functions allows Capio to stay on-top of performance issues only detectable from the user’s point of view.

Sage protects their Payroll SaaS to ensure customer satisfaction

Sage provides accounting and payroll software as well as a number of SaaS services out of their cloud. While having full control and oversight of their cloud IT infrastructure, the application performance from the user’s point of view was a blind spot. Having the Amdo PQA-Bots regularly check the performance and availability from multiple locations, helps Sage support to proactively address issues that would usually have to be reported by paying customers.

Example - Large Partner Altair

Industry: Information Technology
Size: 3,000 Employees
Use b4 since: 2021

“The combination of AmdoSoft’s RPA solution with Altair’s data analytics suite enhances customers’ ability to streamline their automation efforts from repetitive administrative tasks to highly complex, mission-critical business operations” 

Mr Patel, Sr. Vice President, Strategic Relationships

Example - Medium Size Partner Cantium

Industry: ICT Provider
Size: 500 Employees
Use b4 since: 2020

“Cantium is proud to partner with AmdoSoft to deliver our RPA platform. The suite includes both an IT automation and RPA platform in a single product that has enabled us to take a holistic approach to automation that has improved service delivery and cut delivery costs by up to 70% across a range of processes.” 

James Young, CTO

Example - Enterprise Customer John Deere

Industry: Heavy equipment
Size: 60,000 Employees
Use b4 since: 2009

“When it comes to automation, AmdoSoft can do it all” 

Mr. Beck
Head of Operations, John Deere

Robotic process Automation

Actions automated by PQA-Bots use state of the art RPA technology that has precise measurement capabilities.

Machine precision

All processes are measured in milliseconds and all actions have machine precision that you can trust and rely on.

Consistancy and speed

PQA-Bots will monitor and test at the same time, and at any interval you wish, evaluating availability and performance.

measure any dependancies

Process availability and performance can be caused by many dependencies. Measuring these can help troubleshooting issues.

automation actions

PQA-Bots can simulate, measure, alert and report on the availability and performance of critical business processes.

True sla reports

Regular reports provides evidence based availability and performance overview from the user’s point of view.

Synthetic Monitoring Partner Success

MSP in the US launches

“James the Virtual Bot”


AmdoSoft provides b4-Bots to dinCloud fully white labelled and supported with comprehensive managed services. Their service extends to end-users from the health, financial services and various other sectors. 


Sage VAR provides PQA for

midsized ERP users


db Computer Solutions is a Sage Software reseller and service provider. In partnership with Amdo, db Computer Solutions configured a customer services solution that allows them to monitor all application dependencies as well as the user experience. Additionally, the PQA-Bot takes clever actions to troubleshoot and remedy issues before users are affected.   


MSP offers Digital Experience Monitoring

littlefish is based in the UK and provides IT services to small and medium sized companies. Their “Digital Experience Monitoring” service provides customers that already pay for IT monitoring a service that puts their critical applications and the “user experience” of these services first.

ERP Software Vendor offers business process monitoring

 Allgeier is a software vendor and SaaS provider. With customer satisfaction on the line, Allgeier utilizes a white labled version of the Synthetic Monitoring-Bots to protect their customers business processes.

Enterprise Level Synthetic Monitoring Solution

Manage a complete Virtual Workforce

AmdoSoft Enterprise Level RPA allows you to scale with confidence


  • Manage & Control
  • Configure & Deploy
  • Monitor & Report
  • Copy & Scale

AmdoSoft RPA combines Enterprise Level RPA with MSP Level Management and Monitoring


  • Enterprise Level RPA
  • Central Management Controller
  • Deploy RPA Bots to Remote Networks
  • Extensive Reporting Functionality
  • Live Dashboard Manager
  • Combines IT Automation with RPA
  • Flexibility for Custom Automation

The Automation Manager


  • Process Recorder
  • Integrated Function Library
  • Develop, Manage and Deploy Custom Functions
  • Intuitive and Quick Development
  • Script and Version Management
  • Integrated OCR Functionality

The Graphical Workflow


  • Drag and drop Workflow Designer
  • Multithread Automation Execution
  • Intelligent Notification
  • Troubleshooting and Self-healing
  • Cross System and Cross Bot Executions
  • Process Documentation
  • Copy and Scale


The Dashboard Manager


  • Create and Manage and Publish Dashboards
  • Per Customer, Process, Bots or Department
  • Monitor Bot Actions, Status and Results
  • Monitor IT Health and Environment
  • Create Admin and Non-Admin Dashboards
  • Display Critical Information with various Dashlets


The Report Designer


  • Design and Manage Custom and Branded Reports
  • Auto Schedule Reports
  • Integrated Reporting Templates
  • Custom design with hundreds of design options
  • Perform In-report calculations


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b4 Suite Feature Overview

Feature Slider DG
Automation Accuracy

The highly stable rules engine achieves automation with greater precision, accuracy, and reliability. Furthermore an internal health checker monitors the health and security components

b4-Bot intelligent vision

Our Bots have the ability to read from various data sources for example over Citrix, web applications, CRMs and ERP systems. The b4 -Bots use multiple technologies including to recognise images, objects and text on the screen

b4-Agent vision

Our Agents run in the background and can provide a multitasking function to the automation. It "sees" what is going on in the system background and can work with the b4-Bot on various processes

IT Automation

b4 comes from an IT Automation background and therefore provides powerful features that allow RPA engineers to ensure best automation efficiency, stability, security and control

RPA on Locked Screen

The b4-Bots comply with various government and enterprise level security standards one of which is that automated processes run behind locked screens

Auto Login

b4-Bots log securely and autonomous into the operating system exactly as predefined by the RPA engineer

Feature Slider DG - Slide 2
Centralized Management

Configure, deploy and manage your virtual workforce centrally using the b4-Master-Controller. The system is easily scalable and has powerful management features

User/Customer Management

Manage various RPA end customers or internal stakeholders by utilising the powerful b4 user manager that allows you provide a professional platform from which to provide your RPA centre of excellence from

Web Dashboard Manager

Besides managing your RPA stakeholders, you can provide restricted access to various dashboards that you can make available online and manage with the b4-Dashboard Manager

Reporting Engine

The b4 reporting engine creates professional reports with extensive customisation possibilities. The report scheduler can also generate and send reports based on multiple variables

Attended b4-Bots

With b4 you can provide both, attended and unattended Bots. Attended Bots allow the user configures and utilise the Bots assistance as they please. Unlike other systems however, the b4-Bots are still connected to a centralised system, providing more powerful features, security and control

Unattended b4-Bots

The b4-Master-Controller can manage and control a large number of Bots that work on their own dedicated system and don’t need any human help except where the process requires an exception. Furthermore b4-Bots can work in sync with each other in order to complete a process more effectively

Feature Slider DG - Slide 3
b4- Recorder

With b4 you can go into scripting mode which enables limitless possibilities, but with the b4-recorder, you can utilise a smart RPA recorder that automatically compiles your bot action

b4-Automation Manager

The b4-Automatoin Manager is a powerful feature that allows you to manage copy and edit any bot action centrally and easily. The Automation Manager is a key feature in being able to manage changes and deploy these quickly to target systems

Robot Performance Monitoring

b4 has an array of monitoring capabilities that provide live statuses on the performance and success of the Bot actions. Furthermore, b4 can provide a monitoring facility that ensures the health and performance of the target system and application itself

Intelligent Notification

The b4 graphical rules engine workflow enables you to configure your own notification logic easily defining what, when and where notifications are sent

b4 Update Manager

The b4 update manager allows you to easily, securely check for updates and configure to automatically download as well as optionally automatically install updates from the AmdoSoft repository


The b4 Proxy is a further security feature by AmdoSoft. The proxy provides an additional level of security by redirecting traffic towards your master controller. In some high end security environments this is an essential functionality

Feature Slider DG - Slide 4
SSL Encryption

The b4 Bots keep all user data on their system own systems, however statuses and certain credentials are sent. Any information that crosses the Master Controller and the Bot is encrypted and further encrypted automatically utilising the most secure SSL encryption available

Master-Slave Controller

Besides the many management possibilities of b4, it’s possible to create a controller hierarchy utilising slave controllers that can run the automation independently in a local network while being managed by the master controller

Graphical Workflow Rules Engine

The graphical workflow based rules engine doesn’t only automate a multitude of front end and back end processes, it is easy to use, utilising drag and drop technology and also acts as a visual documentation that also non-technical people understand easily

Automation Master Rules

In b4, you don’t need to create a separate workflow rule for every automaton scenario. With master rules, you can globally define specific automation logic; apply it to multiple Bots and automation flows. This also allows you to change the automation logic without having to edit multiple rules

Custom Scripts

b4 is highly versatile. You can incorporate existing scripts. Any script language that can be executed on the local machine can be integrated in the graphical rules workflow and executed on the target system

End To End Monitoring

b4 checks all application performance outputs in real time and from the Bots/Users point of view. The additional benefit is that if there are any immediate or progressive issues with the performance and/or availability of critical applications and processes, the Bot will provide objective dependable information and can troubleshoot and narrow the root cause

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With almost 20 years customer and partner driven software development as well as automation consultation and implementation experience, AmdoSoft is your flexible partner that supports you at the start, the finish and at every step in-between.

b4 RPA Academy

The b4 RPA Academy provides you with the skills and knowledge around Robotic Process Automation. It includes product training based and implementation workshops. It also includes in-depth training on how to identify processes with automation potential.

Managed Services

AmdoSoft is a software vendor and channel partner focused service provider. Depending on your requirements, AmdoSoft will provide the software with training and support or can provide a full worry free RPA Managed Service.

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The AmdoSoft partner Eco-System shares RPA know how ranging from implementation, consultation and ongoing customer support. The partner Eco-System can provide accredited services to any type of RPA project.