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Apr 26, 2021 | RPA Blog

When dealing with Robotic Process Automation, one can sometimes get the impression of this being a very expensive, special, and almost elitist technology of the future. In other words, something that only large corporations can afford in order to expand their market power and continue to gain an advantage technologically. But that is not true! RPA will soon be as normal as an internet connection or a multifunction printer. It is neither magic nor does it cost a fortune. It is a modern technology that will be available to everyone – including you! We would like to convince you of this.


and yet a bespoke software, just for you.


RPA robots are comparatively simple. They work through repetitive processes according to clearly defined rules. They are not artificial intelligence or highly complex programs, but simple bots that simulate human operators on their standard user interface – only faster, more precise, and without any breaks. In turn, this simplicity leads to maximum flexibility. Our bots can basically be programmed for all processes in question. In other words, they are universal and yet tailored specifically to you and your company.


Faster than expected


The implementation of new technologies, machines, or even employees costs a company primarily one thing: time. It takes time for new software to be installed, for machines to run smoothly and for new staff to internalize the operating procedures. This is not the case with RPA. After just a few days, our bots do exactly what they are supposed to do. We don’t need weeks of analysis or monitoring of your processes. We look at the processes in question with you, but our bot at a workstation, and get started. Your active cooperation as a customer is usually only required for one or two days. It is that simple.


Less effort than expected


Since our bots do not interfere with your IT infrastructure, the effort is absolutely limited. Basically, the robot only needs a workstation computer and an internet connection. If desired, we can do the entire set-up. Alternatively, we can teach you or your IT staff how to train the bot. No programming knowledge is necessary for the implementation. Everything is done via a graphical configuration and video training.


Safer than expected


Critics often accuse the providers of RPA solutions of jeopardizing the security of the customer’s IT. We disagree and say instead: Any human employee is a higher security risk than our bots. We use the same modern encryption as for online banking. All of the robot’s activities are moreover meticulously documented. The bot itself only does what it is supposed to. No more and no less.


Rent a robot for under 1,000 pounds a month


Sooner or later, all interested parties ask the same legitimate question: How much does it cost me? In fact, costs vary greatly depending on requirements, process complexity, and company size. However, it is quite possible to install a bot for just one workstation and very few processes. This will then cost you not even a four-digit sum per month and thus far less than any human full-time employee – with the difference that the bot can work 24 hours a day seven days a week without a break if required.


b4 – the robotic automation from AmdoSoft


At AmdoSoft, our mission is to bring RPA solutions to you. Forget the prejudices and ostensible reasons against RPA. Overcome your inhibitions and let us advise you without obligation. We at AmdoSoft will be happy to show you what is possible.We are a medium-sized company, just like you, and would like to achieve success in the digital world together with you. Will you join us?