Robotic Process Automation and the time factor

May 19, 2021 | RPA Blog

Time is a precious commodity, not only, but certainly also in business. Taking less time for processes means more time for creative and strategic tasks. Less time per task means more efficiency, more turnover, and increased growth opportunities. This is why the advantage of saving time is so important when talking about automated processes. With a software robot-like AmdoSoft’s b4 Bot, you save time in many ways and even gain extra time for the essential tasks in your business.


Invest time for implementation


Before a business can make a profit, you first have to invest. It’s no different with saving time. You have to spend time learning about RPA, implementing the robot, and training your employees to use the new “colleague”. Even with a competent and experienced partner like AmdoSoft at your side, you cannot avoid this investment. Unfortunately, this effort still deters some potential customers for RPA software. Think more far-sighted and invest an hour to save a day.


Save time per process


Once the b4 Bot is implemented, the most obvious time saving is the accelerated processing of specific tasks. A repetitive process, consisting of clicks, data views, and form entries, which was previously carried out by an employee in one minute, now only takes seconds. Projected over the year, massive time savings are possible so that more tasks can be completed in less time.


Save time through continuous operation


When arguing the advantages of RPA software, the 24/7 performance of the robot is often mentioned. In fact, a virtual employee can work non-stop and without holidays, sick leave or weekends and is also independent of the regulations on employee protection. This advantage can be eminently important, especially during peak order periods. The increased order volume can now be processed on the same day and no longer piles up over the whole week. The same applies to permanent tasks such as checking the functionality of an e-commerce shop. An error in the order process is noticed and reported by the RPA Bot even on Easter Sunday at three in the morning.


Save time through freedom from errors


Every mistake due to inattention, unclear work instructions, or simple coincidence costs time and therefore money. The task is not completed, has to be rolled up again or the whole process even has to be fixed in a time-consuming way. An RPA robot does not make mistakes if it has been correctly programmed for the process. At worst, it interrupts its work and throws an error message. It does not make mistakes out of shame, asking for help. After all, an RPA bot is not the same as artificial intelligence. The RPA robot lacks the creativity to make mistakes – unlike many employees.


Save time for information requests


Many processes in order and customer management require a range of information that currently still has to be gathered manually in a time-consuming manner in many companies. Employees often have to consult different databases, transfer and compare data manually and fill out forms several times. A software robot can do this in seconds, without copy-paste and careless mistakes. It recognizes patterns and matches faster and more error-free than even the best employee.


Gain time for urgent tasks


Is saving time and saving employees the same thing? As a rule, it is not. While it might well happen that certain positions become obsolete through the use of RPA software, experience teaches that most companies hold on to their skilled workers. Instead, employees are much more effectively used for tasks that require creativity, strategic skill, or emotional intelligence. In the end, this also benefits the employees directly, who are much more likely to thrive on varied and challenging tasks than on dull, repetitive ones.


You want to save time and gain time in your company? Then the b4 Bot could be the solution for you. Talk to us about the many possibilities and be one of the entrepreneurs with a vision for the future.