Say hello to your new virtual colleague ‘Robot’

Feb 24, 2021 | RPA Blog

The use of robots and automated software as part of automation and digitalization does not only mean a drastic change in business processes. It also changes the social fabric within a company. In the medium term, mechanical colleagues will become an integral part of a company’s working culture and human employees will have to learn how to deal with this. This is likely to be a long and rocky road, but the benefits of RPA speak for themselves in the long term.


First studies explore impacts


The effects of RPA and AI on the workforce of companies have already been the subject of a number of studies, commissioned by Ver.di and carried out by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, among others. These studies are often not only about forecasts for the future but also about the actual effects in companies that are already successfully using RPA and AI software. The initial results of the study can be described as ambivalent. Although positive effects were recorded, there is still massive potential for optimization – also in communication with employees.


Positive effects on work quality


Two things were observed with regard to the positive effects. Firstly, RPA bots made the work of the employees in the respective department significantly easier. They were often able to take care of more complex processes while the bot performed simple, clearly defined, and repetitive tasks. At the same time, the other employees learned about the benefits that bots might offer. This was the case, for example, when processes were significantly accelerated, resulting in a faster workflow and higher productivity. In other words: If a bot helps to complete the work of one department more quickly, another department does not have to wait as long for the result and thus benefits indirectly.


The efficiency of the measures still has a lot of potential


However, the studies also showed that there is still a lot of unexploited potential in the field of RPA. Above all, the provision of data for the bot to analyze still needs optimization. Much of the data is still in paper form or has been scanned in non-uniform file formats, making it difficult for bots to process. At the same time, many processes still need to be digitalized and integrated into a functioning information network. This includes, for example, speech recognition to convert telephone enquiries into text and process them.


Skepticism and fear will diminish


One of the main criticisms of Robotic Process Automation concerns the fear of job losses. In fact, many believe that bots will soon be able to operate in such a complex way that fewer people will be needed to do the same workload. However, it is also assumed that at the same time workers will have to be trained or retrained for the new automated structures. The skepticism towards robots and the fear of redundancies will diminish in parallel with further developments in this field.


Competence profiles of employees change


Since automation is primarily aimed at increasing efficiency, it is clear that cost savings in personnel will be a consequence of the use of RPA and such. However, this also means that competences and skills from more demanding areas will become much more valuable. Employees who take the necessary precautions and continue their training, as well as fresh employees with excellent technical and IT skills, will have significant advantages. Companies that already rely on RPA today place a lot of emphasis on flexibility, agility, adaptability, and the ability to manage time efficiently in their personnel development. Manual skills and capabilities for tasks that can be automated in the near future will no longer be in demand.


You too can benefit from greater efficiency thanks to RPA


If you also want to benefit from Robotic Process Automation in your business, then do not hesitate any longer. The development cannot be stopped and the sooner you adapt your company and your staff to it, the fewer problems you will have with acceptance. Let us convince you of the possibilities of the b4 Bot from AmdoSoft and you too will soon be one of the pioneers of automation.