What we do NOT do at AmdoSoft

Mar 11, 2021 | RPA Blog

When providers advertise their products or services, they usually highlight the benefits, of course. We are no different. We also point out to our customers that they can use our bots to optimize their processes, save time and resources and prepare themselves for the digital age. Today, however, we are taking the time to tell you what you should not expect from us. Because a good service provider should not only do many things right but also refrain from doing some of the wrong things. In the following article, we explain what we mean by this.


We do NOT waste your time


Time is a precious commodity. After all, the whole approach of Robotic Process Automation is largely based on the principle of optimizing processes by saving time. It would be fatal to waste this resource unnecessarily. Unfortunately, many service providers in the IT sector collect revenue primarily by diligently accumulating working hours – regardless of whether this is absolutely necessary or not. At AmdoSoft, we do not require long lead times and eternal analyses. Within a few days, we identify the processes that can be optimized, install our bot and we’re ready to go.


We do NOT break your budget


Fear of excessive costs is one of the main obstacles to the implementation of new technologies. Businesses often justify a refusal to explore the benefits of RPA because the current practices have always previously worked without robots, ignoring the potential for speeding up their processes and making them more accurate and efficient. Inactivity costs nothing for the time being. For now.

We would like to take away your fear of this smart investment. That’s why we offer our Rent-a-Bot RPA rental system. You can rent one of our bots for less than a thousand euros and then cancel it flexibly. This is often worthwhile for just one workstation.


We do NOT sell you something as automation that is not automation


Especially in the public sector, digital strategies still have a lot of catching up to do. This leads to the curious situation that even basic digitalization measures are already being sold as automation. If, for example, a public authority has an online portal installed where citizens can submit their official concerns, then this is digital, modern, and convenient, but it is far from automated. At least not as long as clerks have to process the submitted documents and requests manually. AmdoSoft’s solutions automate the actual work and not just the first one or two steps of the process. This is exactly what we try to do with our public sector clients and, of course, with every private sector client.


We do NOT leave you alone with our bots


Our RPA solutions can be set up quickly and easily and are also very easy to use. Nevertheless, some interested customers fear that they will not be able to cope with the bots properly in the end. If you wish, as part of our full service, we will not only set up the system for you but also provide aftercare including all possible adjustments or adaptations. In the beginning, however, we barely need more than a few days for this. The effort for you and your team is therefore very limited and does not disrupt your business. On the other hand, it is of course possible to learn how to use our bots quickly and sustainably. We would be happy to train you and your employees on-site or remotely.


b4 Bots – you would be crazy NOT to do this


We are convinced that RPA robots will be standard in many sectors in the near future. Repetitive, simple, and, above all, tedious processes will no longer tie up valuable labor. Sooner or later, bots will be as normal as printers or a broadband connection. You just have to decide whether you want to benefit from the advantages of RPA sooner or later. We would be happy to convince you in a non-binding consultation. Discover the optimization potential of your company and move into the digital future with AmdoSoft.